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Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar Small Bottle


While the uses for white vinegar are plentiful, apple cider vinegar has arguably even more applications. Its wide-ranging benefits (rivaling the number of uses for tea tree oil and other nifty natural helpers) include everything from curing hiccups to alleviating cold symptoms, and some people have turned to apple cider vinegar to help with health concerns including diabetes, cancer, heart problems, high cholesterol, and weight issues. Read on for more reasons to keep apple cider vinegar handy in your pantry.

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  • helps tummy troubles
  • cures hiccups
  • soothes a sore throat
  • could lower cholesterol
  • prevents indigestion
  • clears a stuffy nose
  • aids in weight loss
  • gets rid of dandruff
  • clears acne
  • boosts energy
  • cuts down on nighttime leg cramps
  • banishes bad breath
  • whitens teeth
  • fades bruises
  • helps control blood sugar

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