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Slim Rice


Slim Rice is a zero carbohydrate and organic alternative to regular rice that helps you lose weight.
Made from JuroatĀ® flour, a secret blend of Organic Konjac flour and Oat fibre complex, Slim Rice has a similar consistency to regular rice.
The weight loss secret is in the ingredient glucomannan which helps you lose weight by slowing digestion and prolonging the satisfying feeling of fullness.
Low in calories, gluten-free, fat-free, sugar-free, wheat-free and a source of fibre
The Slim range consists of Slim Pasta Penne, Slim Pasta Fettuccine, Slim Pasta Spaghetti, Slim Rice, and Slim Noodles.



Performance and specifications

Carb and fat free
Gluten, soy and wheat free
Helps with weight loss
Suitable for diabetic diets
Quick and easy to prepare
Suitable for vegans

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