Changing Your Food Habits For Good

Taking the decision to eat better and be more active is great! You are motivated and ready to take on the world. However sometimes life can get in the way resulting in our health goals taking a back seat and before we know it, we are slipping back into old routines.

We have all been experienced this and together, the team have compiled some hints and tips to help keep you motivated and maintain those healthy habits that you’ve introduced into your lifestyle:

  1.    Stay away from the problem/issue that may be causing you to go back to unhealthy habits.
  2.    Remove/ minimise the foods from your home that can lead to to these unhealthy routines so that you do not feel tempted, or keep them out of sight
  3.    Make sure you always have a good supply of ready to eat low carb snacks
  4.    Limit your eating to one place, preferably in a place where you won’t be distracted, for example watching TV
  5.    Limit your other activities when you eat. For example, don’t look at your phone or at a PC screen – focus on your eating
  6.    Don’t go shopping when you are hungry and make a list before you go. This helps you to stay focused on buying the items you know you want
  7.    Be sure to avoid certain areas of the supermarket altogether, for example the crisps section
  8.    Have a low-carb sweet treat (such as 70% dark chocolate) on you at all times
  9.    Change your route to work/school run etc. if you feel that there are too many temptations on the way, for example the smell of the bakers
  10. Try to avoid large all-you-can eat buffets

Whilst this list is not exhaustive, it certainly worthwhile taking some time out and reflecting on what can help you to maintain and achieve your health goals.


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