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Coconut Butter 200g


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What is coconut butter?

One question we get asked often is what is coconut butter and how does it differ from coconut oil?

It’s simple! Our raw organic extra-virgin coconut oil is made from pressing the oil from dried coconut flesh. Meanwhile, coconut butter is made from pureed raw coconut flesh. It still contains coconut oil, but it also includes fibre from the flesh (each tablespoon has about 2 grams of fibre!). It boasts trace amounts of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals such as iron, magnesium and potassium.

While coconut oil melts when heated, which makes it a good substitute for other cooking oils, coconut butter retains its solidity for longer and the fibre gives it a thicker texture. Rather than becoming a liquid, warmed coconut butter should be smooth and spreadable once heated. This makes it perfect in baking or as a topping on toast for coconut lovers looking for an alternative to nut butters!

How do I use coconut butter?

Our coconut butter is raw and deliciously coconutty! It is definitely a healthier alternative to many conventional butters and spreads and will be a welcome addition to your coconut pantry!

Just remember to warm up your coconut butter before using it as it hardens at room temperature and the oil and fibre separate. Simply stand the jar in hot water for a little while to wake it up. It’ll reach a soft consistency that you can then shake to blend the fibre and oil together. You’ll be left with a wonderfully spreadable state, ready for baking with or to smother over your favourite bread.

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